2nd Albanian Security Forum

  • Mind the Risk. Be Proactive!

    Tirana – 14 December 2016


    The new digital landscape’s formation, on a local, pan-European as well as global level, sets security concerns as top priority issues.

    Given that the landscape of threats has changed, and risks increase in quantity and evolve in quality, it’s imperative to always be alert, determine risks, timely detect threats and mainly implement preventive protection actions.

     Based on this approach, BIZZ SHPK organizes for the second time the “ASF – Albanian Security Forum”, a convention about security issues, on 14th December 2016, in Tirana.

    The 2nd “Albanian Security Forum” aims to highlight today’s landscape of threats, as well as strategy, methods and solutions of detection, evaluation, management and tackling of risks, based on the trifecta: Technology – People – Processes

    At the convention’s center of attention will be important issues that concern security professionals -as well as politics and society in general- like new challenges of this age about cybercrime and other threats by technology (drones, AV surveillance, etc.), as well as the increased flow of immigrants in the region, new forms of terrorism, and the crime rate in daily life.

    Distinguished speakers from Albania, as well as other countries, will be invited to detail their views upon a number of critical issues, like: the effects of immigration on security, the requirements of protection for borders and critical infrastructures, profiling and analyzing the actions of terrorist groups and “lone wolves” in Europe and the surrounding region, dealing with minor and major crimes, the details of previous attacks on networks, protection of computer infrastructures and data by digital crime (IT Security), the optimal approach to manage security projects (security management), security of installations by way of technology (video surveillance, alarm systems, access control), as well as other critical issues.


     New Strategies for New Challenges    

    Today’s challenges and the emergence of new forms of intensely globalized threats, are the ultimate challenge against the security of the public and private sectors.

    Organized crime that defies borders, global terrorism and cybercrime without borders at all, as well as the need for border control and protection, require above all the collection and effective management of information (Intelligence) to detect threats, as well as the cooperation among state and international agencies and the private sector.

    Also, if a strategy for the protection of installations as well as people (VIP Protection) is to be effective, it has to make the implementation of risk management plans and the use of modern technological means, necessary.

    During the convention’s first section, speakers will go into detail about developing strategies and actions to deal with specific challenges.


    The New Rules of Cyber Security

    Digital security is today, more than ever, an especially significant challenge for any organization and business.

    On one hand, IT managers have to deal with risks hidden in malware and defend against advanced attacks, while on the other hand they must customize their data protection measures in new IT environments, shaped by adopting services like cloud, mobility, Internet of Things, BYOD, as well as other trends.

    During the second section of the 2nd  Albanian Security Forum, digital security specialists highlight the “new game rules” by mapping the new digital world, while detailing policies and means of protection that have to be adopted by organizations to keep their data safe and strengthen their infrastructure’s operational ability.


    Digital Era means New Threats: How to be proactive!

    In a landscape of new threats constantly surfacing, the risk keeps growing. International studies show that many countries, organizations, large and small businesses, as well as single users, face digital threats and sometimes fall victims to cybercrimes with serious consequences, on so many levels.

    The key to protect the critical data of businesses and avoid incidents that endanger their seamless operations, is a layout of conditions that prevents risks by investing in technologies, procedures, policies, and of course human resources.

    The puzzle pieces that put together a proactive approach to digital security, will be detailed in this section by security professionals.


    When and where will the 2nd Albanian Security Forum take place?

    The convention will take place on Wednesday, 14 December 2016, in Tirana, at the Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center.


    Who should attend?

    Any businessmen and professionals who work in Security and are decision makers about significant issues in the public and private sectors, like: security managers for installations and people, security directors of information, as well as any other IT employees.

    Businessmen who provide security services and equipment, contractors of technological projects, and generally companies that deal in security services and solutions, are also welcome.

    It also targets higher and lower ranking employees of businesses, banks, telcos, industrial installations (ports, airfields, etc.), who want to keep up to date on risks and threats, on levels of both physical and digital security.

    The convention’s range might also interest officers of armed forces and public safety corps, as well as any employees in physics or digital security in the public and private sectors.


    Attending the convention is FREE (register here)


    How can I sponsor the convention and what do I get out of it?

    The convention’s organizational committee offers multiple choices of sponsorship, depending on the requirements and potential of each company, covering various levels of promotion, from a simple logo display, to handing out advertising material to guests, the possibility of speaker participation, as well as setting up a fully equipped expo stand.

    Participating as a sponsor in ASF – Albanian Security Forum is a unique opportunity to present your operations, services and solutions during the largest security event in Albania, to a wide audience of professionals, meet new possible clients and partners, as well as exchange ideas and experiences with other employees and officials in this market.

    Keeping in mind the wide coverage by partner media (printed and digital press, radio, portals, blogs), as well as promotional functions implemented by Bizz SHPK (direct marketing, social media, etc.), we can ensure that your company gets a particularly dynamic presence.

    For more information about the convention, and how to participate as a sponsor, you can contact Mr. Idit Riza, +355693540000, i.riza@bizz.al

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