2nd Albanian Security Forum

  • Mind the Risk. Be Proactive!

    Tirana – 14 December 2016


    With great success, the “2nd Albanian Security Forum”, was held on Wednesday at Tirana International Hotel, organized by Bizz in collaboration with Smartpress & Protik.

    The main message of this conference was: “Mind the Risk: Be Proactive!”, emphasizing the actual demand for the exploration of methods and procedures of the continuous assessment of threats, along with the effort of protecting critical information through preventive strategies, by investing in a technology of solutions, services and security policies which create a proactive approach toward the digital safety.

    Many governmental delegates were present, from institutions directly or not, related to cyber security and cybercrime, along with specialists and executives from the ICT, Banking and many other relevant sectors, which took part in an open dialog regarding the information security issues.

     The government was represented by the Minister of Defence, Ms. Mimi Kodheli and the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Ms. Elona Gjebrea, which addressed important National Security Issues. Also important speeches were held by the specialist of the Cyber Crime Unit in the State Police, Ms. Suela Bonjaku and also the legal approach of cyber security from ALCIRT, presented by Ms. Klorenta Janushi.

    From elite companies of IT and Telecommunication, representatives participated as speakers and delegated by sharing their experience and the latest trends, by referring the risks of the digital environment, which is ever changing and evolving, especially in the cyber dimension and critical infrastructure.

    Noted speakers such as Ms. Anila Hoxha Tollkuci, Security and Safety Manager at Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Oltion Bregu, Security Operations Supervisor for Vodafone Albania and Mr. Ioannis Vordos, Security Solutions Product Manager for Intracom Telecom, emphasized the fact that the digital security, now, more than ever, is a big threat for each and every organization or business. Managers of IT departments from one hand, have to face threats from malwares and ensure protection against sophisticated attacks such as APT, and on the other hand, they should adapt their strategies in the new digital environment, with the upbringing of Mobility, Cloud, bring-your-own-device, Internet of Things and other trends.

    Also was discussed the important factor of preventing damage to the critical information for businesses and the recuperation process for the successful continuity of operations. Presenting technologies, solutions, services and security policies, a logical flow was created by the correlated sessions which pointed out the proactive approach needed in Cyber Security.

    The interest from attendees was high, with as much as 400 participants throughout the day. All the presentations will be available at the official Youtube Channel under the same name as the conference.

    With important issues treated, to “feed” curious and excited minds, the 2nd Albanian Security Forum was successfully closed, by inviting everyone to meet again at the 3rd Edition of the Forum, in 2017.

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