2nd Albanian Security Forum

  • Mind the Risk. Be Proactive!


    The landscape of threats has changed! Risks increase in number and evolve in complexity. The new status in Albania, Europe, as well as the rest of the world, requires security issues to be assigned first priority.

    The primary target of those who threat security, are computer systems, data and infrastructures that are critical to businesses and government organizations.

    In this new environment, it’s obvious that traditional security measures are inadequate, so a new approach is necessary, one that addresses these new requirements.


    What is the defining factor of this new approach?
    Risk evaluation and management!


    The second conference on security issues, titled: “Albanian Security Forum”, will highlight ways to detect, evaluate, manage and defeat risks, based on the following trifecta:


    Technology – People – Processes


    The conference will focus on important issues, concerning cyber security. Solutions and suggestions will be presented, to address threats posed by cyber criminals and malicious hackers.

    There will also be a discussion about new challenges that have come up, concerning the protection of critical infrastructures (telecoms, transportation, energy, etc.), border security, and addressing terrorist activities.

    We will look into issues about developments and trends of security system technologies, security project management, as well as protection of VIP and installations.


    Conference speakers will be asked to address significant questions, like:


    What’s the profile of network attackers, these days? What’s their targets? What kinds of tools do they use? How can new technologies be of more efficient help in fighting against those risks? How can we best integrate changes in this new IT world, to boost security, as well as productivity? What about the human factor? How can we train human resources to comprehend and implement security procedures and policies?


    And above all… How can we be more proactive?


    You’ll find these answers at the 2nd Albanian Security Forum, where we expect the presence of high-ranking decision makers, about security matters in both the public and private sector. Those include information, installation and VIP security managers, IT managers, IT directors, CIOs, CEOs, as well as several officials from the security services and solutions industry.